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single cask release

cask 1 – railway field - smob0012

Distilled from our own homegrown barley, grown on our land, matured in a traditional farm shed, right beside our farmhouse.

This is our whiskey. This is Tipperary.

01 Barley

Barley is the core ingredient of our single malt whiskey. With the addition of only water and a little yeast, this unique crop gives us the core flavours of the new make spirit that matures on-site into whiskey.


Railway Line


78.0m / 255.9ft




Spring Barley - Olympus

Sowing Rate

190kg per Hectare


Moisture (Oven) Malt


Fermentability (0.7mm) % as is


PSY (0.7mm) LA/tonne as is


Soluble Nitrogen IOB % dm


Diastatic Power IOB as is

Soil Analysis


15th April 2016

0 Days


28th August 2016


8.45 tonne / hectare

harvest moisture


drying moisture


sent for malting

Arrived in Inverness 24 May 2017
Malted 5 June 2017

02 Weather

Temperature, sunlight, and water levels determine the ability of our barley to turn CO2 from the air into carbohydrates for conversion into alcohol.




03 Distilling

Stuart Nickerson has worked for over 40 years in the whiskey industry, making exceptional single malts for some of the world’s most famous whiskey brands. He used all of this experience to transform our malted barley to exceptional new make spirit at a friendly Irish distillery.

Arrived at Distillery

16th June 2017

Fermentation started

19th June

Distillation Started

22nd June

Distillation Finished

23rd June


28th June

Disgorged Date

4th Nov 2020


Malted Barley



76 hours





Original gravity

04 Maturing and Bottling

Maturing in wooden casks develops and enhances the flavours of our new make spirit, and adds elements of both the wood and the previous spirit held in the cask.

The 2017 distilled cask SMOB0012 was bottled at cask strength of 60.8% abv, with 280 bottles produced.

First Fill Rioja

Cask Type


Cask Fill (litres)

Bodegas Faustino


The cask was sourced from Bodegas Faustino in Spain and was previously used to age Rioja wine. The winery owns about 650 hectares of vineyards in the some of the best areas in La Rioja. Over the last few years, the winery has incorporated new, environmentally-friendly grape growing practices to make the vineyards increasingly sustainable.

Bodegas Faustino is one the leading exporters of "Gran Reservas" and has been making Rioja wines for centuries. This has given the spirit held in this single cask, a rich red colour and delicate wine notes on the palate.

Filling Date

28th Jun 2017



28th Jun 2017

+ 0 Days


Ballindoney Farm, Tipperary

28th Aug 2018

+ 0 Days

Disgorging Date

4th Nov 2020

Stuart Nickerson, Jennifer Nickerson and Liam Ahearn

This cask was the first cask to be bottled onsite at Tipperary Distillery, bottled by hand on our semi-automatic 4-head filler, wax sealed and labelled by hand by our team: Stuart Nickerson, Jennifer Nickerson and Liam Ahearn.

Wooden Presentation box

The Wooden Presentation box was handmade and laser engraved by Joseph Sinnott at LuxeBox, Wexford. The wood is chosen from sustainable forests and the interior is specifically designed and laser cut to hold your bottle securely.

Single Cask Label by AK Graphics

The label and box engraving were designed by AK Graphics in Carlow, taking inspiration from our Railway Field (particularly evident in the lines of the design) and Tipperary colours of blue and gold.